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Shining a Beacon of Love in Changing Times

Shining a Beacon of Love in Changing Times

I read some time ago that, when asked to define love, writer Gertrude Stein answered, “Love is.”  My favourite quote, and very easy to remember!  Wonderfully put - beautiful and simple.  Love is the substance of the universe, of which everything is made.  It moves us ever upward towards the light.  It is what binds us all together. It is what we are.   

I believe that many of you reading this will be aware of the rise in energy frequencies which is taking place during these times of ever-increasing change.  This is believed by many to be caused by “the shift”, or “The Great Shift of the Ages” as talked about in the ancient prophecies from indigenous cultures spanning the globe who understood these galactic cycles and spiritual principles.    In simple terms, the Earth has reached a point in its 26,000 cyclical journey through the galaxy where it has entered a vast energy field which consists of a higher frequency.  This energy consists of the cosmic consciousness of the living universe or, simply, love, and this love, or consciousness, is expanding.  The Earth’s vital energy fields are therefore shifting, and we are all experiencing transformation as our vibrations are lifted ever higher.  These shifts are precipitating a breaking down of our old paradigm world of materialism, greed and selfishness and a moving away from duality and separateness.  They are bringing an increase in resonance with higher frequencies that is escalating the potential of each individual to shift upward into greater consciousness.  Many people are unaware of what is happening, at least on a conscious level, and, lacking a frame of reference, to them the world just seems like it’s falling apart.  Some are seeing their lives as meaningless and empty, which is causing fear, anxiety, stress, and depression.  This in turn is causing dis-ease.

In order to journey through these times with as little pain and disruption as possible, I believe that we all need to relax our bodies, quiet our minds, raise our frequencies and harmonise our energies with those surrounding us.   There are several ways of doing this.  Listening to music that makes your heart sing, being in nature and feeling your connectedness to the Earth and all it’s living beings, meditating, dancing, anything that connects you to feelings of joy, and moves your focus to a peaceful place within, if only for a while.   There are also many new forms of healing and energy management systems that are coming to the Earth at this time. These new ways of assisting humanity are coming forward as the old healing patterns resonated with the energies of a denser time.  The new healing modalities support those who are raising their vibrations and moving into rapid growth with the intention of offering healing to the earth and humanity.   These people are starting to resonate on another level as they make the choice of evolving quickly, working on themselves and releasing the dense patterns of the past.  Raising their vibration heightens their awareness, possibly developing telepathy, increasing intuition, and enabling them to live their lives in a more conscious manner. As they do so they pass this new resonance on to others in a ripple effect which I believe will eventually encompass everyone.  

One such new healing energy system is Anusha, which channels very powerful energy from the stars. Anusha is the name of a star in Hindu astronomy and means ‘beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn’ in Hindi.  Anusha is an ancient system believed to come from the Essenes who lived in scattered communities in Palestine in and around the time when Jesus was alive.  Anusha was re-discovered and channelled by Patsi Hayes and Kate Pike mainly between Easter 2004 and Easter 2007.  Anusha helps you to open your heart and connect to the wisdom and love inside giving you a strong sense of inner calm, peace and connectedness and supporting you on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment.  It is an amazingly strong, and yet very gentle, healing energy which, through the use of specific symbols, can help with a whole range of physical, mental, and spiritual issues.  Through a series of synchronistic events, I was led to Anusha in 2008 and had become a Master/Practitioner by the end of the year.  My first encounter with Anusha, whilst receiving healing from a friend, had such a profound effect on me that I was strongly drawn to find out more.  On my first workshop I was amazed at how clearly I could feel the different energies through each different symbol.  Through the daily use of Anusha, both on myself and others, I have been able to conquer fears, follow my heart and become a healer myself, and it has provided me with an incredible tool to help me connect with my inner wisdom and keep my balance in this world of incredible changes.

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Kayla on 03 May 2018 11:14
Good blog
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