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Anusha - My story

Anusha ~ My Story

Anusha crept softly into my life a few years ago.  I first heard about it indirectly when talking to a Reiki Master friend of mine.  I was talking about moving back to Wycombe, and how I felt that I didn’t really fit in here, but had had to move back into the area due to life circumstances.  As we discussed this, she mentioned that there seemed to be a group of people, who had previously been Essenes in other lives long ago, gathering and reconnecting in this area.  I don’t think I’d ever heard of the Essenes, but I had a very emotional response to this.  The name seemed familiar, tears came to my eyes, and the hairs on the back of my arms stood up. Maybe there was more behind me moving back. I made a mental note to find out more.

It was some time later that I came across Anusha again. A healer friend of mine was giving me a healing, which was very powerful and emotional for me.  Toward the end, I became overwhelmed with feelings of total bliss and love and felt myself become so light that I felt like I was floating out of the window through the top of my head!  My friend asked me to try to describe how I was feeling and the words ‘coming home’ just popped into my head, so that’s what I said!  After the healing, she explained to me that she had used the Anusha Master symbol on my crown chakra, which is said to promote, among other things, a sense of coming home! 

After such an amazing experience I felt I had to find out more about Anusha.  I was already attuned to Reiki level II, but up to now hadn’t really thought about taking this any further, but I couldn’t ignore the incredible feeling of Anusha and decided to attend a Level I workshop. During the day of the at-one-ment, we were given the opportunity to use and experience the different symbols.  I was so struck by the fact that I could really feel the energy as I’d never been able to before, but not only that, each of the symbols had a totally different feel to them.  During the weeks that followed, every time I used a symbol on someone for healing, they could feel something, whether they were particularly sensitive to energies or not.  I have used Anusha on people who are Reiki healers themselves and they can definitely distinguish the energy as different from Reiki – ‘scintillating’, ‘electric’, ‘fizzy’ are some of the words used. I’ve also used Anusha on people with no prior experience of energy healing who can feel the energy strongly. 

Having recently reached Master Teacher level, I can look over the last few years and see how far I’ve come on my spiritual journey since Anusha came into my life.  Having wanted to be a healer for many years, but never really believing I was, I now feel empowered, strong and confident enough to truly walk my path as a healer and have finally reached a stage where I believe I can help people.  Through the use of Anusha symbols on a daily basis, I have found the strength to come out of hiding and be myself, to process and work through the emotions and self-talk that have had held me back so far in my life, to truly connect to divine love.  I am gradually becoming more sensitive and open to higher energies, have had some experience of channelling and have clearly felt the presence of higher beings supporting and guiding me.  My life seems to be more in the ‘flow’, more synchronicitous.  I look upon my life from a higher, wider, more positive perspective.   For me though, the most intriguing aspect has been the Essene connection, and the reconnection, and sharing of recollections from hundreds of years ago, mainly through past life regressions with very old, dear friends.  This has given me more of a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. Anusha has become a background to my everyday life, changing it subtly forever, and the small jigsaw pieces are slowing fitting together to make sense of everything that has gone before and is happening now. I really do feel like I am finally coming home.  ( Extracted from ‘Anusha Healing: Shining a Beacon of Love in Changing Times’, by Patsi Hayes, 2010, Live It Publishing)

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