Inner Transformations - with Susan Campbell
Anusha healing
Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system.  It began coming back into conscious awareness through Patsi Hayes and Kate Pike in 2004, and is continuing to manifest in the form of new symbols as the consciousness of the planet rises.  Channelling the sparkling brilliance and scintillating energy of the stars, it is amazingly powerful, and yet very gentle.

Anusha mainly uses 13 symbols, the first received being the Master symbol, Nomada, which carries the energy of ending your search, of finding that elusive answer, the key to contentment and fulfilment and realising that you've always had that deep inside of yourself. It is a very powerful tool which facilitates looking inside and connecting to your own wisdom, your inner knowing.  You can stop striving and enjoy the peace and calm of coming home to yourself.  This is the signature of the whole system.  All you need you already have.  You just need to be quiet, still and calm to go inside and connect with it.

Experiencing Anusha Healing involves lying on a treatment couch, fully clothed, while the practitioner gently places their hands either on your body, or in your aura, and channels energy from the stars into your physical, auric and spiritual bodies. The energy has its own intelligence and flows to where it is most needed. The recipient usually feels deeply relaxed and calm, often experiencing a profound sense of "letting go" of earthly anxieties. During the healing session, chakras, meridians and life force energies are cleansed and brought into harmonious balance. Old patterns and issues are released and surrendered and replaced with an exquisite feeling of total peace and serenity.

Sessions are individual and unique for you as you take whatever you want and need and release that which no longer serves you.  Sessions last for between an hour and 90 minutes, frequency of sessions depending on the issues being worked on.   A session costs £40.

I am forever grateful to Patsi and Kate for introducing me to Anusha, and for their continued, loving guidance and support. 

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